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Duplicate Ad Posting Policies

Ad Posting Policies

Duplicate ads policy

Any attempt at duplicate ad posting will be monitored and flagged by our system. If you post duplicate ads, we will notify you of the violation and remove the duplicates. If the same violation is committed multiple times, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your account.

We take fraudulent activity seriously, and will not tolerate users attempting to manipulate the system to gain an unfair advantage. Any attempt at manipulating the system, such as using multiple accounts to post the same ad, will result in immediate account suspension or termination.

In order to maintain the integrity and quality of our platform, we encourage users to report any suspected instances of duplicate ad posting to our customer service team. We will investigate each report and take appropriate action if necessary.

By following our duplicate ad posting policy, we can ensure that the Bandylist community remains a trusted and valuable resource for small businesses in Canada.

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Duplicate ad posting? Not on our watch! Our system will flag and remove duplicates. Fraudulent activity will result in account suspension or termination. Play fair, folks

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